On Refusal

April 22-May 21, 2016

A.I.R. Gallery / Brooklyn, NY

The immersive installation integrates video, sound, photographs, text, objects, and reproductions of archival matter that explore her family's syncretic religious history. Rasheed’s ongoing research-intensive practice looks at the pluralities of blackness and the interplay between legibility and opaqueness. A sprawling constellation of monochromatic textual and figurative work, On Refusal considers a collection of self-recorded street sermons as a starting point to map the histories of improvisation and religious heterodoxy among Black Americans, particularly her family. The affective space juxtaposes found photographs of worship, large-scale text works, pages from childhood religious studies books and scripture, abstract prints, looped video, and a sound installation. On Refusal does not oer a united linear narrative or resolution; rather each piece operates as a gesture toward a moment of consideration.


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