Source Material for a Poem I've Been Trying to Write about Casual Superlatives, National Progress and Palate Cleansers (Installation)


Queens Museum / Queens, NY

Source Material for a Poem I've Been Trying to Write explores her interest in poetry, improvisation and narratives of progress through a hybrid visual and literary art practice. She creates a sprawling installation that sutures together wide ranging “concentrated language” materials including self-authored aphoristic posters, poems, micro-fiction, book excerpts, and dictionary entries laced together with various visual materials. Rasheed's process of researching, digging through archives, repurposing texts and playing with language is rooted in her exploration of poet Harryette Mullen who in Recyclopedia: Trimmings, S*PeRM**K*T, and Muse & Drudge (2006) wrote, "[i]f the encyclopedia collects general knowledge, the recyclopedia salvages and finds imaginative uses for knowledge. That’s what poetry does when it remakes and renews words, images, and ideas, transforming surplus cultural information into something unexpected." Her installation will also include a short looped video as well as a led zine-making –as one of her variant practices to archiving—workshop in collaboration with the QM’s New New Yorker’s program that offers various workshop instructed in many languages.


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