Source Material for a Poem I've Been Trying to Write about Casual Superlatives, National Progress and Palate Cleansers (Video + Projection)


Queens Museum / Queens, NY

"Alphabet Aerobic x Emplotment"
Slide Projections and 00:01:54 HD Video

In "Alphabet Aerobics x Emplotment", two slide projectors with found slides from the 1970s and a self-authored alliterative poem presented as a text-based video all operating at different rhythms face the same corner resulting in overlapping images that produce unexpected combinations of layered projected images. Taking its name from a combination of Blackalicious' 1999 track "Alphabet Aerobics" and "emplotment" or the plotting of a story such that it reads as a story of a particular kind as discussed in a BOMB Magazine interview between Stuart Hall and David Scott, this piece considers how we map relationships between the past, present and future and challenges notions of neat closure, resolution, and progression. In playing with the tension between contingency and the expectation of clear resolution, this piece is interested in how we craft historical narratives that are not grounded in totalization or steady momentum toward an immaculate resolution. 


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