[TEXT EXCHANGE] Heather Hart's Barter Town (Trading Post XVI: Mesh & Lace)


DUMBO Arts Festival

Heather Hart's Barter Town is designed "[t]o encourage art to take an active roll in leading the shift of cultural values, and to create a critical space that is neither one place, nor another yet both places, the Heather Hart Experience presents Barter Town (Trading Post XVI: Mesh & Lace), the newest cycle to Hart’s Trading Post series. “Mesh” refers to a term describing a “sharing economy,” the futuristic system of sharing and trading assets." - (Source: DUMBO Arts Festival)

Rasheed's post at Barter Town was called //TEXT EXCHANGE\\ where she sought to exchange text-based goods for other text-based goods. She bartered books, magazines, book suggestions, articles and any other printed matter (including self-written texts, notes, letters, etc.) for her books, book suggestions, and photocopies of excerpts from her favorite books. Each exchange was accompanied by two sticks of Nag Champa or Kush incense. Here, she is interested in how society is impacted by the creation, distribution, and control of information. With an eye on information and knowledge distribution systems as well as the production of meaning, she is interested in how different texts are valued and how the exchange of texts can shift traditional knowledge distribution systems. 

To see which text-based goods were traded for my text-based goods, see the exchange list here.


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